Dear valuable parents and fencers,

As most of you already know, MFC (Morris Fencing Club) has been acquired the club from Wang Lei Fencing Morris since November 1st, 2019. We promise, moving forward, to keep business as usual for our old members as an appreciation for keeping your business with us. Bringing our expertise in this field of fencing and our motivation to take MFC to the next level will bring some changes that will benefit all MFC members. That next level is to develop fencers who can compete at a high level and have a chance to get recruited by the top universities in the country.

Who are we?

We are a group of highly experienced professionals who are bringing in more than a total of 150 years of fencing experience to MFC Hanfi Mahmoud – Veteran Fencer, 50+ experience.

Serving as: President

Hanfi is a successful businessman who owns and runs multiple business ventures in NJ. Hanfi is bringing over 40 years of experience as a fencer and certified referee by the USA Fencing.

Mac Shaker – ’92 Olympian, 40+ experience.
Serving as: Head Coach and Program Director

Mac is the owner of the American Institute of Fencing since 2011 and the organizer of the American Challenge. He is also part-owner and the Program Director of Premier Fencing Club, one of the leading fencing clubs in the U.S. He has over 20 years of world-class coaching experience. As a fencer, he was ranked 12th in the world on 1996. He achieved numerous international results such as the Gold medal at the Junior world cup in Como, Italy in 1986; and the 8th place at the Junior World Championships, Athens, Greece 1988. Mac was also ranked the 1st on the Egyptian national ranking for over 10 years.

Abdel Aziz – Coach/ International Fencing Referee, 40+ experience.
Serving as: Managing Director

Abdel is bringing more than 40 years of fencing experience including over 20 years of coaching experience and. Abdel is the former head fencing coach for the Senior and Junior Egyptian National team 1984 - 1989. During his coaching career, his students achieved numerous results on the national and international levels including 8th place in the Junior World Championships, 1st place in Arab Games, and several top results in World Cups. His fencers participated in several Olympic Games, Athens, Los Angeles 1984, and London 2012. As a fencer, Abdel was ranked first on the National Point Standing in Egypt in 1983, 1984, 1986, and 1987 as well as countless world cups. He has achieved 14 Egyptian national titles during his fencing career. Abdel also is a certified international fencing referee by the International Fencing Federation (FIE) and a successful tournament organizer who runs over 25 regional and national tournaments all around the US each year.

Ahmed Abdallah – International Fencer/Coach, 20+ experience.
Serving as: Head Coach

Ahmed has a BSC in Physical Education. More than 20 years of fencing experience including 10 years as a national team member. As a fencer, he was two times a top-16 finisher in world cups - Cairo 2006 and Legnano 2014. He was ranked no.1 in the national rank 2004/2005, 2009/2010. He won 10 gold national medals. His students are Olympians who achieved gold medals twice in the African Championships as well as numerous international results. Ahmed is also a certified international referee by the FIE

Upcoming Changes:

Some of the expected changes that will benefit all members in MFC are:

- Credit Card auto-billing on a 2-week cycle.

- Renovating the floor, strips and scoring machines to add more active strips in the floor.

- Renovating the parent’s seating area to have comfortable seats, high-speed Wi-Fi and a TV set.

- Increasing fencing hours by introducing new programs (currently under study).

- Focusing on both recreational fencing as well as competitive fencing. By adding more competitive programs fencers will enhance their skills to participate in local, regional. Fencing is one of the few sports that provide lots of colleges scholarship to participate in NCAA Div1, Div2, and Div3 programs provided by colleges and institutions such as Harvard, U Penn, Penn State, Columbia, NYU, Stevens Institute, Fairleigh Dickinson U, Cornell, Ohio State, Wayne State, Northwestern U, Stanford, and much much more.

If you have any question, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us by either calling or emailing us.
General email [email protected]

Mac Shaker (201) 655-1377 [email protected]

Hanfi Mahmoud (201) 724-4188 [email protected]

Abdel Aziz (551) 221-2211 [email protected]

Ahmed Abdallah (609) 608-6818 [email protected]

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