About Us

For about 20 years, Morris Fencing Club (MFC) is an all-year-round training facility for a big number of high school programs in northern New Jersey. In these two decades, MFC fencers have been recruited by the top universities in the country. MFC has, also, placed a plentiful number of fencers in the NCAA programs.

Hanfi Mahmoud : President

Hanfi is a successful businessman who owns and runs multiple business ventures in NJ. Hanfi is bringing over 40 years of experience as a fencer and certified referee by the USA Fencing.

Upcoming Changes:

Focusing on both recreational fencing as well as competitive fencing. By adding more competitive programs fencers will enhance their skills to participate in local, regional. Fencing is one of the few sports that provide lots of colleges scholarship to participate in NCAA Div1, Div2, and Div3 programs provided by colleges and institutions such as Harvard, U Penn, Penn State, Columbia, NYU, Stevens Institute, Fairleigh Dickinson U, Cornell, Ohio State, Wayne State, Northwestern U, Stanford, and much much more.

If you have any question, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us by either calling or emailing us.

General email: info@morrisfencing.com
Number: 732-907-0701

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