Frequently asked Questions

Why Fencing?

Fencing is a unique and elegant NCAA sport with highly individualized attention. Students learn planning, execution, and analytical skills in addition to improving reflexes, speed, and stamina. They will gain confidence in this sophisticated sport with the highest level of sportsmanship. It is also a terrific way to make smart, well-mannered friends. Please see the tab entitled “Fencing” on our website for more detailed information about the sport.

How do I start fencing with no experience? Our introductory package is the perfect way to get acquainted with fencing      ○ Four private (one on one) lessons, 20 minutes each      ○ Flexible scheduling      ○ Cost $100      ○ The student will learn a bit of everything about fencing to include the basics such as handwork, footwork, strategies, rules, and terminology.      ○ The club will take care of all the equipment needed for the private introductory lessons      ○ Wear gym clothes for the introductory lessons. No specific attire required.

What can I expect after the introductory package?

After the introductory lessons, you will be ready to join the ongoing group classes and continue private lessons if you choose (see packages offered below).

What services are offered to learn and refine my practice of fencing?

- Group classes - duration 1.5 hours with a ratio of 1 coach to a max of ten students - Private lessons - one on one with a duration of 20 minutes

What are the costs for classes and lessons? What packages are available?

We offer an annual membership at a rate of $600 (prorated accordingly between September and August.      
Packages:           ■ Unlimited Group classes - $150 bi-weekly (member), $250 bi-weekly (non-member)           ■ Unlimited Group classes + 1 private lesson per week, $250 (member), $350 (non-member)           ■ Unlimited Group class + 2 private lessons per week, $350 (member), $450 (non-member)

When will I need to buy equipment?

After signup for classes your coach will arrange for equipment to be purchased in three phases - one phase per month for three months.

What is the cost of fencing equipment?

The cost of equipment is approximately $800 and will be split into three monthly payments and phases.      ■ Phase 1: gloves, masks, and cords      ■ Phase 2: weapon, bag, body cords      ■ Phase 3: “whites”; jackets, pants, shoes and under-arm protection

What are the different disciplines (also referred to as “weapons”) of fencing?

* Foil - Utilizes precision since you have to score with the tip only of a light weapon targeting the back and chest area. * Saber - One needs speed since it's fast-paced and uses a lighter weapon than foil. You can score with the tip and side of the blade. Target area is above the waistline. * Epee - Requires patience since it’s slower paced and uses a heavier weapon with no target restriction.

How do I know/ choose the best weapon/ discipline for me?

Each discipline or “weapon” has different characteristics and is best suited to students based on their traits. Think of runners; some run marathons and some are great sprinters. A combination of natural inclination, age, and training will help determine the best discipline for each student. Our instructor will have an idea of the student’s characteristics and help to guide into the appropriate discipline

When can one expect to start competing?

Typically within 1 to 2 years

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